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Cooper Crouse-Hinds EVLEDA2C201 EV Series Explosionproof LED Luminaire

Cooper Crouse-Hinds

Cooper Crouse-Hinds EVLEDA2C201 EV Series Explosionproof LED Luminaire

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Cooper Crouse-Hinds EVLEDA2C201 EV Series Explosionproof LED Luminaire 100-277v                    


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Cooper Crouse-Hinds EVLEDA2C201 EV Series Explosionproof LED Luminaire; 1670 Lumens, 30 Watt Input, Epoxy Powder-Coated


Dimension: 7.250 Inch Length x 7.250 Inch Width

Instant illumination and re-strike

Better visibility with crisp and white light

T6 temperature rating - safely operate in the most hazardous environments

Cold temperature operation/no warm-up required

Silicone gaskets, stainless steel hardware

T6 temperature rating at 55 deg C

Factory sealed improve safety, reliability and energy efficiency

Crouse-Hinds EV LED Series Explosion-proof LED luminaire accommodates high performance LEDs that offer instant illumination/re-strike with highly visible, brighter crisp/white light. It reduces up to 85% of energy utilized and is a perfect combination of energy efficiency as well as durability. Luminaire offers rated life of up to 50000 hours at cool color temperature. It has body/mounting modules/guard made of sturdy copper-free aluminum with Corro-free™ epoxy powder coating. LED lamp has a power rating of 30 Watts, voltage rating of 100 - 277 Volts, current rating of 0.30 Amp at 50/60 Hz frequency and 0.98-power factor. It features shock/vibration-resistant solid-state construction with no breakable filaments or glass components.

Luminaire can be used where flammable vapors/gases/ignitable dusts/fibers/flyings are present and in extremely corrosive/wet/dusty/hot/cold conditions. It measures 7.250 Inch x 7.250 Inch and can be used in type 4X marine, wet outdoor location, hose down environments, tough environmental conditions.

It is suitable for lighting of manufacturing plants, heavy industrial, chemical, petrochemical or pharmaceutical facilities, platforms, loading docks, tunnels, outdoor wall and stanchion mounted general area lighting. Luminaire is suitable for locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures and for areas requiring frequent ON/OFF of lights. Luminaire operates at a temperature of -30 to 55 deg C.Luminaire does not require warm up during cold temperature operation. It comes with heat/impact-resistant glass globe and silicone gaskets to seal out dirt/dust/moisture with added durability. It is engineered with an advanced heat sink design that ensures LED not to exceed temperature ratings across all specified ambient conditions. Luminaire has a compact modular fixture that attaches onto existing Champ mounting module for ease of installation. It has sturdy stainless steel external hardware and 3/4-Inch pendant mounting type. It requires minimal frequent lamp replacement. It does not contain mercury or other hazardous substances. Luminaire is UL listed, CSA certified and meets NEC/CEC standards.

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