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Grundfos 96528925 DME60 Digital Dosing Pump 60-10 AR-PP/E/C-F-21A3A3B


Grundfos 96528925 DME60 Digital Dosing Pump 60-10 AR-PP/E/C-F-21A3A3B

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Grundfos DME60 Digital Dosing Pump 60-10 AR-PP/E/C-F-21A3A3B Alldos 120V 145 PSI


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CAT 447-7102

DME Series: DME 60-10 AR-PP/E/C-F-21A3A3B, NO installation kit included MOC's: Polypropylene head, EPDM Gasket, Ceramic valve balls Capacity: 15.85 GPH, 145 PSI Capabilities include: Analog 4-20mA control, pulse control, external stop Front mounted controls: Control panel fitted to the front 3/4" FNPT suction/discharge connections *Refer to DME Databook and DME, Variant AR I&O for additional information and service instructions

Suitable Applications Include

  • Pulp and paper industry 
  • Textile industry 
  • Food and beverage industry 
  • Industrial process water and waste water treatment 
  • Drinking water treatment

Pump Features and Benefits Include

  • Digital Dosing
  • Ratio 1:800
  • High precision – unique technology
  • Dosing of high viscosity media
  • Robustness and reliability

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