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Trane MOT3771 Motor MOT03771 K55HXLPB-3836 1HP D2850 208/230v 1125 RPM


Trane MOT3771 Motor MOT03771 K55HXLPB-3836 1HP D2850 208/230v 1125 RPM

$235.99 $475.00
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Trane MOT3771 Motor Fasco X70670706010 MOT05717 MOT03771 General Electric GE 1125 RPM 208-230/200 Volt AC VAC V


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This is new, never used or installed.

Note: brand new item that may have some minor cosmetic flaws: surface scratches to label and motor body from storage and handling, etc. Cosmetic imperfections will not affect performance or functionality. Guaranteed to work perfectly. Get the cheapest price ANYWHERE HERE!!!

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OEM Direct Replacement Motor for General Electric & Trane, replaces 5KCP39SFL153DS, MOT05717, TRANE X70671180017, X70670706010, MOT03771, MOT05717

Trane OEM Condenser Fan Motor

208-230V, 60Hz, 1 Ph

1 HP

Shaft: 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Frame: 48Y

RPM: 1125

Part: MOT03771


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