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Tjernlund XCOP1 Fan Speed Control Exhaust Pressure COP2 DCOP1 RT750 RT


Tjernlund XCOP1 Fan Speed Control Exhaust Pressure COP2 DCOP1 RT750 RT

$79.99 $867.00
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Tjernlund XCOP1 Constant Operating Pressure Control RT-Series Exhaust Fan Duct RT750 RT1500 14U171 14U170 RT Series RT750 RT1500 Pressure Based Speed Control 


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Full Specs available at http://www.tjernlund.com/Tjernlund_XCOP1_Constant_Operating_Pressure_Exhaust_Control_8504175.pdf

The XCOP1 is a Constant Operating Pressure Control that will modulate the speed of an RT-Series Rooftop exhaust fan to maintain 

a user adjustable negative pressure set point. The set point is adjusted through a pot mounted on the COP circuit board. The operating range of the XCOP1 control is -0.10 to -1.0” w.c.. Do not use with any other series of Tjernlund Inducers/Venters. 

Pressure is measured in a chase or duct at the farthest point from the exhaust fan with the included sensing tube and tubing which connects to the pressure sensing port on the XCOP1. As exhaust volume increases within the duct/chase the resulting reduction in measured pressure causes the XCOP1 control to increase power to the fan. It speeds up to handle the additional exhaust volume and slows down when the exhaust volume is reduced, modulating fan speed to maintain a constant exhaust pressure.

Item Speed Control

  • Type Pressure Based
  • Voltage 115
  • Max. Amps 15
  • Max. Wattage 1500
  • Height (In.) 12
  • Width (In.) 10-1/2
  • Depth (In.) 2-1/2
  • For Use With RT750 and RT1500
  • Agency Compliance ETL US and C
  • Includes Mounting Hardware and Instructions

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